Myrtle Beach BRITFEST
Voting Rules

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Using the online ballot to vote is highly encouraged.

It is easy to use, accurate and speeds up vote counting.


    1. You can use an internet connected device (such as you own smartphone) to vote using the online ballot. Directions to access the online ballot are on the back side of your paper ballot (in your registration packet).
    2. You can also use a laptop at the main tent to vote. You will need your 6 DIGIT BALLOT NUMBER to use the laptop, and your paper ballot will be voided when you finish using the laptop.
    3. Each registered vehicle that attends Myrtle Beach BRITFEST receives a 6 DIGIT BALLOT NUMBER and is eligible to vote.
    4. All ballots must have a 6 DIGIT BALLOT NUMBER.
    5. Paper ballots must be placed in the ballot box at the main tent to be counted.
    6. Online ballots are submitted when the SUBMIT button on the ballot is clicked with no error messages.
    7. All ballots are final when submitted and cannot be changed.
    8. Voting commences at 11:00 am when same day vehicle registration closes.
    9. Ballots will not be accepted before 11:00 am.
    10. Ballots submitted after 1:30 pm will not be counted.
    11. Ballots from pre-registered vehicles that do not attend the show will not be counted.
    12. Votes for pre-registered vehicles that do not attend the show will not be counted.
    13. If an electronic ballot has been submitted with a 6 DIGIT BALLOT NUMBER, a paper ballot with the same 6 DIGIT BALLOT NUMBER will not be counted.
    14. In the event of a tie vote for any Class or Special Award, the vehicle that was registered earliest as recorded in the Master Book of Registrations will be declared the winner (i.e., the lowest Entry # for that Class or Special Award among the tied vehicles).
    15. For purposes of breaking a tie: (a) for registrations submitted online, the date and time of the online registration submission will be used, (b) for paper registrations that are mailed to the BRITFEST Registrar, the USPS postmark will be used as its date and time of registration, (c) for same day registrations, the date and time the registration is given to the BRITFEST Registrar will be used.
    16. Breaking a tie for first place may affect second and third place results.  Breaking a tie for second place may affect third place results.
    17. If the earliest time of registration results in a tie, then the tied vehicles shall be declared winners for the award.
    18. Class 34 British Motorcycles, Class 35 British Replicas, Class 36 Non-British Import of Special Interest are not eligible for the “My Favorite British Car” special award.
    19. Prior year Best of Show Special Award winner is ineligible to win the My Favorite Car Special Award this year for the same car.