Due to COVID 19, we will have a lunch Christmas Party on Saturday, December 12 at 11:30am in the main dining room of Wahoo’s. No other groups will be inside and we will be able to social distance. Everyone please wear your mask and your name badge! We will not do the “Secret Santa” game this year and ask everyone to please bring an unwrapped toy for the “Toys for Tots” program instead. Merry Christmas!

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gran2846 - November 24, 2020 Reply

Myrna and Rod will be attending!

Patsy Hoch - November 24, 2020 Reply

Greg and I look forward to the Christmas gathering, and appreciate the COVID considerations/planning.

Patsy Hoch - November 24, 2020 Reply

Greg and I plan to attend,

Steven Hertel - November 25, 2020 Reply

Steve and Rochelle will be there.

Rick Orto - November 25, 2020 Reply

Rick & Linda plan to attend

Warren Bender - November 28, 2020 Reply

Stancy and Warren will attend
ETHAN Are we not supposed to get notifications of entries to this site? I received no notification that this conversation was happening. Thanks, Warren

Joe Shea - December 1, 2020 Reply

Michelle and I plan to attend.

Betty Ann Perrine - December 1, 2020 Reply

John and Betty Ann Perrine will be attending.

Alan & Christina Brown - December 1, 2020 Reply

Both Tina and I will be attending. Is the toy to be wrapped or unwrapped?



    Felicia Sachs - December 1, 2020 Reply

    The TOYs for TOTs are unwrapped please.

    Patsy Hoch - December 6, 2020 Reply

    Unwrapped gifts for Toys for Tots!

Felicia Sachs - December 1, 2020 Reply

Bob and Felicia will attend. Thank you! *** All TOYS for TOTS should be UNWRAPPED. All the family & kids of Georgetown county are in more need this year than ever so all your gifts are so appreciated this year! Thanks so much for your support!

Ray Maggio - December 2, 2020 Reply


James M Moran - December 2, 2020 Reply

Party of 2

Robert Skotnicki - December 3, 2020 Reply

Bob and Cristine will attend.

Bob Arndt - December 3, 2020 Reply

Bob Arndt and Tricia will attend. New member looking forward to meeting the “Grand Strand Team”.

Wade & Paula Nichols - December 6, 2020 Reply

Wade & Paula Nichols will attend.

Mark Buongirno - December 7, 2020 Reply

Paulette and I are new members and looking forward to it.

Dennis Herron - December 11, 2020 Reply

I will be attending

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