Inaugural Mask-a-Raid Drive

Hear ye! Hear Ye! The club will embark on our first ever Mask-a-Raid drive to scare up some fun on an Horry County drive through the county on back roads. A map and accompanying directions can be found below, as well as on the home page of the website and we hope you can join us! If you plan to go, please reply to this post in the box below and click “Submit Comment”. Be sure to tell us in your reply, where you will join the entourage. Once you post, your comment will be approved for posting which could take a few hours. With several stops along the way, everyone should be able to find a convenient spot to fall in the queue. We hope to see you all there and the first 25 who post here, will get a cool dash plaque to commemorate the event. This is a “don’t miss” event! MAPPrintable Directions

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Ethan Harris - August 8, 2020 Reply

Looking forward to this! Should be a lot of fun. I might even dress up the car for Halloween too! Will probably connect with you at the Britfest field!

Patsy & Greg Hoch - August 8, 2020 Reply

We are really looking forward to participating in the Mask-a-Raid Drive WITH Little Car! And … at least one of us will be in costume; however, both of us will be wearing masks! Thank you for putting this together for us, Rod!!!

Warren Bender - August 8, 2020 Reply

ABSOBLOODYLOOTELEY! Sounds Bee’s Knees! Warren and Stancy will be Chuffed to accompany you
Bob’s Your Uncle.
Happy motoring,
Warren & Stancy Bender

Bill & Lis aUnger - August 23, 2020 Reply

We will meet you at your house. Looking forward to a drive!

Ray Maggio - August 27, 2020 Reply

Love the ride’s name! I’m in. Joining at Carolina Forest. Hope one of our top mechanics is also doing the tour, and has lots of spare parts. Thanks! Ray

Felicia Sachs - August 27, 2020 Reply

We can attend and meet at the Dunkin Donuts on River Oaks drive. Sounds like fun! Not sure who will be driving,,,The Wizard of Oz OR Dorothy with Toto !!!

Julia Nightingale-Born & David Born - August 27, 2020 Reply

Red Morris (my car’s name) is very excited to get of the garage. Looking forward to the drive. We will join you at Rod &
Myrna’s Smith house.

Scott Taylor - August 27, 2020 Reply

I’ll start at the first stop! Can’t wait.

Skip & Denise - September 1, 2020 Reply

Denise and I are in.

Skip & Denise - September 1, 2020 Reply

The TR is exited and so are we. If it is raining and cold the TR may dress up like a Ford Flex.

Joe Shea and Michelle Kelley-Shea - September 10, 2020 Reply

Michelle and I will meet you at 4282 River Oaks Drive. We look forward to our first drive with the group.

Joel Carnosso - September 12, 2020 Reply

Deb and I are in!

Ronald Kazmierski - September 17, 2020 Reply

Look forward to the drive see you at the Market commons.

Kurt Trumbower - September 21, 2020 Reply

Looks like fun, Cindy and I are planning on it. Will meet at Britfest field at Market Common.

Dan Ferris - September 21, 2020 Reply

Ann and I will be there.

Since we’re both in our 20’s, we thought we’d dress up as retirees
driving an old car. That should confuse other drivers.

Kurt Trumbower - September 21, 2020 Reply

Cindy and I plan on going. Sounds like fun, planning on meeting at Britfest site.

Jen & Larry - September 21, 2020 Reply

Looking forward to it!

Dennis Oldland - September 22, 2020 Reply

Rhonda and I are planning to go and will likely meet at Allsbrook. These roads are the ones we drove on all summer to escape the Covid Crazies.

Bob & Marie - September 22, 2020 Reply

Marie and I will be going.

dennis chechile - September 24, 2020 Reply

I am planning to join the group drive at Dunkin’ Donuts ( Stop C ) on River Oaks Dr. MB at the prescribed time frame.
See you there.

Dick & Kathie - September 26, 2020 Reply

We’ll be along, joining the caravan at the Shine Ave stop. Not sure which LBC.

Steve & Rochelle - October 1, 2020 Reply

We’ll be along, joining the caravan at the Shine Ave stop.

Rick Orto - October 5, 2020 Reply

Rick and Linda Orto would like to be part of this if you still have room

    gran2846 - October 5, 2020 Reply

    Thanks Rick and Linda! We’re delighted that you will be able to join us! This brings us up to 24 cars so it should be a blast!
    Rod Smith

Jack & Sue Brennan - October 6, 2020 Reply

We will go. Meet you at Britfest Field

Christy Perdue - October 11, 2020 Reply

I’ll join in. Meet you at Dunkin’ Donuts.

CHARLES COVITZ - October 19, 2020 Reply

Charlie Covitz will be coming. Not sure where I will be meeting up .

CHARLES COVITZ - October 20, 2020 Reply

Lisa and Charles will be attending. Not sure where we will meet up

Jennifer Zangara - October 23, 2020 Reply

Larry & I will be hosting lunch at our place in Loris provided by When Pigs Fly food truck. I am happy that we can support a local business. They will be offering a specialty burger, BBQ sandwich, or a wing plate. You will pay them directly for your lunch. Please pack a chair so that we can enjoy cars and camaraderie in the outdoors while socially distanced. Costumes welcomed. Happy Halloween!
If there are any members or friends that cannot make the Mask A Raid drive, please join us for lunch!
12 PM 140 Mid Field Rd Loris SC 29569

Louis Hipp - October 29, 2020 Reply

Lou and Christy Hipp will be at Rod’s at 10 in our Green Mini. Looking forward to it.

    gran2846 - October 30, 2020 Reply

    That’s great Lou! See you tomorrow morning!

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