Sunday May 31st – Lunch, followed by parade with Police Escort

Please plan to meet at the Sonic Drive-in on Hwy 707 just south of Holmestown Rd. at noon. After lunch, at approximately 2:10, we will head down Holmestown Rd. to Surfside where will enter the Deerfield Subdivision from Hwy 17 Business. The entrance is between Denny’s and Lazer’s Pizza. If you won’t be at Sonic, you can wait for us in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot at the corner of Business 17 and Glenn’s Bay Rd. Our caravan will be passing right by so you can fall in. We will be driving by the house of SSGT Ted Ross who will be turning 102 on Sunday, May 31st!

Mr. Theodore Ross has resided in Myrtle Beach since the early 90’s and worked at the Corning Outlet store on 17 business for many years. When the Coastal Grand Mall opened, he applied for work at Dillard’s was immediately hired and worked in the housewares department until 3 1/2 years ago.

He was born in Paterson, NJ, one of seven children of Domenico & Francis Rossi. He graduated Paterson Central High School in 1936 and two years later, thumbed his way to the mid-west to attend college. He graduated Michigan State University in 1943 with a BS in Economics & Agriculture and then enlisted in the Army. He became a S/Sgt. with the 18th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (mechanized) were he was a communication chief. He was transported to Scotland/England on the Queen Elizabeth. From there the 18th Cavalry landed on Utah Beach and proceeded to the vicinity of St. Vith. During the Battle of the Bulge, on two occasions, under heavy enemy artillery, mortar & small arms fire, voluntarily re-established & maintained vital communications within his squadron, thereby enabling a coordinated action with the supporting tank platoon. His actions were of vital importance and he was awarded the Silver Star.

He was married on February 23, 1946 to Claire Stone, a Registered Nurse. They celebrated 63 years of marriage. He has three daughters (Deborah Sweezy of Myrtle Beach, Sandra Jones & her husband Thomas of Leland, NC and Pamela Ross and her husband Barry Summer of Washington, DC) and two grandchildren (Theodore Ciszewski of Lebanon, OR and Madeleine Ciszewski-Cox of Boise ID and her husband Stephen)

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Patsy Hoch - May 25, 2020 Reply

Greg and I plan to attend! Patsy

Steven Finch - May 26, 2020 Reply

I plan to attend the 5/31 Lunch, followed by Parade. Donna will not be attending.

Tom Ehlers - May 26, 2020 Reply

Chrales and I plan to attend.
We would like to help extend a little joy on Ted’s 102nd Birthday!!!!.

Bob & Marie Puttbach - May 26, 2020 Reply

See you at Sonic on Sunday

Warren Bender - May 26, 2020 Reply

Bee’s Knees!!
Barring a typhoon Warren and Stancy will absobloodylooteley be there!

Skip and Denise - May 26, 2020 Reply

We will be there.

Skip and Denise - May 26, 2020 Reply

We Plan to attend.

Ron Kazmierski - May 27, 2020 Reply

Marion and I will be there

Steve Hertel - May 28, 2020 Reply

Rochelle and I plan to attend.

Felicia Sachs - May 28, 2020 Reply

Bob, Jake & I will be at Piggly Wiggly or somewhere as you enter Deerfield. Have your Birthday signs ready, car signs, balloons etc. A Big Shout Out for 102 Ted Ross!

Tim Miller - May 29, 2020 Reply

I’ll be there

Ethan Harris - May 29, 2020 Reply

Will be there (if it’s not raining!)

Juliia and Dave Born - May 29, 2020 Reply

We plan to attend.

Julia and Dave Born - May 29, 2020 Reply

We plan to attend.

Jen & Larry - May 29, 2020 Reply

We would be honored to attend the parade dedicated to Mr. Ross!

Richard Foltz - May 29, 2020 Reply

Kathie and I plan to attend.

Jim DeFeo - May 29, 2020 Reply

Gerry and I will be there

Charlie - May 29, 2020 Reply

Charlie will be therr

Lois and Gary Peeler - May 30, 2020 Reply

We plan to attend.

dennis chechile - May 30, 2020 Reply

Hello Everyone

Although the MG is on sick leave I will be there. ( My wife lets me borrow her Mini, Lol )

Charlie Covitz - May 30, 2020 Reply

Charlie will be there.

Charlie - May 30, 2020 Reply

Charlie will be there

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